Former Deputy Found Not Guilty On Sexual Assault Charges

A former sheriff's deputy accused of sexual assault has been cleared of all charges, and is once again a free man.

Joseph Bonfadini was arrested last year for allegedly raping a family member. At that time, he was a new deputy in Fremont County, having joined the force just five months before his arrest. He was later terminated from his job.

Thursday, a jury found Bonfadini not guilty on all counts. 11 News spoke to Bonfadini exclusively on his first day as a free man. He said the last 10 months since his May 2013 arrest have been trying for him and his family.

"[I] got looked down a lot, my family got looked down at a lot. A lot of ridicule. My child got made fun of a lot in school. It was hard."

Bonfadini said he's glad the ordeal is finally over.

"It felt amazing to know that the truth came out and that I was free. I didn't have to worry about it, deal with it anymore."