Footprints Lead Police To Suspects

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A man walked out to see two men breaking into his car in Colorado Springs. The men took off, but police tracked them down.

It happened early Monday morning when fresh snow covered the street. It was what the men left in the snow that led police right to them.

Thomi Payne said he came out of his house on the northeast side of the Springs near Research and Powers, at exactly the right time and caught two alleged crooks breaking into his car.

"I see my car doors open and I’m out here and I start (yelling) 'HEY! HEY!' (and) screaming obscenities at these kids," Payne said.

He said about four inches of snow covered the street. He told us, what happened next, seemed to come right out of a TV crime show.

"I’ve actually been watching a lot of Law and Order and CSI so I was like ‘we're going to bust them.’ So I call the police immediately and I’m like there are footsteps," Payne said.

Investigators followed those footprints less than a mile away, and arrested two suspects.

"I mean, I thought it was actually pretty cool that they were able to follow (the footprints)," Payne

Payne said he's been seeing more car break-ins lately. He told us a friend had camera gear stolen out of her car. Bottom line, don't keep valuables inside and be sure to lock the doors.

Clayton Romero and Nathan Roulier were arrested and charged with trespassing. Investigators told us both men confessed to breaking into cars to steal valuables.