Florida Declares Obama Winner, Brings Electoral Count To 332

Four days after the general election, the presidential race is at last officially over.

Florida finished counting its votes Saturday and declared President Obama the winner, narrowly edging Mitt Romney by a margin of 74,000 votes.

This brings Obama's electoral vote tally to 332 over Romney's 206 electoral votes.

As state returns first start trickling in early Tuesday night, Florida was considered a crucial state, as its 29 electoral votes would have definitively ended the election in Obama's favor even if he had lost Ohio, and would have kept Romney's chances alive if more swing states went his way. But in the end, Florida's votes didn't matter: Obama won comfortably without them, and they wouldn't have been enough to change the race in Romney's favor.

By winning Florida, Obama made an almost complete sweep of the nine battleground states, losing only North Carolina.