Flooding Trouble Spot May Take Years to Fix

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11 News is getting answers from the city about a spot that is notorious for flooding.

Every time it rains, the intersection of Siferd Boulevard and Date Street in Colorado Springs fills with water.

The city says stopping the flooding at the intersection is a top priority--but the biggest hurdle right now is the money.

Last year a woman was trapped in her car as water rushed over the road. She tried to drive over Siferd Boulevard in the rain and her car was swept away. Neighbors remember that night.

“She had to crawl back on the ladder. It was pretty scary,” Glen Reed said.

A sign warns drivers to steer clear of the intersection when it rains. But some say that's not enough. The driver of a white truck thought he could make it across last September

“You think you're invincible, and they come across and get stuck and then they're sitting on top of a car,” explained Paula Ferguson.

11 News talked to Colorado Springs Stormwater Manager, Tim Mitros. The city says that intersection is a priority and the development in the area made it even worse.

“The city realizes that it's because of our upstream development; we've really kind of caused the problem, so we're taking it on,” said Mitros.

Mitros says they have a plan in place to install a box culvert to keep the water under Siferd instead of all over it, but it's an estimated $9 million project and he says it's going to take up to five years to get the money. One mom who lives there says that's too long.

"Try telling a parent of a 5-year-old child or a 10-year-old child we can't do anything for five years; visit their funeral and then make the decision,” said Ferguson.

When we get heavy rain, police or fire crews will often block off the intersection. This is just one of the trouble spots on the Stormwater Task Force's high priority list.