Water Covers Streets In Black Forest After Rainstorm

A soggy morning in Black Forest after a rainstorm drenched the area, dumping as much as two inches of rain in some places.

Flooded streets forced some road closures Sunday night, most notably Shoup and Tahosa. All roads reopened shortly before 11 p.m.

Residents told 11 News the standing water made them nervous.

"You're always worried about hydroplaning when there's a lot of water on the roads...you kind of hear the water getting kicked up under your car as you go though those puddles," one person told 11 News. "It's kind of scary, because you don't want to lose control, you don't want to crash. So it gets frightening on a lot of those roads when it rains like this."

"It was a pretty heavy storm...all the streets in the neighborhoods, there were a couple of inches of water on them and so driving through, it was tough to see," another resident said.

Though the area is not out of the woods yet, with a flash flood watch in effect until noon, 11 News meteorologist Branden Borremans says that the Black Forest Fire burn scar appears to have dodged a bullet. Flooding at the burn scar could have been much worse than it was.