Rain Stops, But Flooding Continues In Some Areas

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The sun finally made a reappearance Tuesday, but that didn't stop more water from rushing into a building in Manitou Springs.

Water streamed down Serpentine Drive to Manitou Avenue Tuesday, flooding the Manitou Bottling Plant. It left behind standing water more 2 feet high in some places, giving the historic building the appearance of being surrounded by a lake.

City officials say the water is runoff from Ute Pass into Fountain Creek. It's a reminder, one official tells 11 News, that even though the weather has improved people still need to be careful in certain places.

"This part at the west end of Manitou Springs the creek is out of the bank in some places," Dave Hunting, a city spokesman, said. "Probably because upstream from us, upstream is being compromised...the course of the stream has changed over the last few days with weather. It's just something we'll be monitoring and paying attention to for weeks to come."

Despite a few problem spots, Hunting wants to remind the public that much of Manitou Springs is currently safe to visit.

"There are no immediate areas in Manitou Springs threatened at this time. All businesses are open. So we're encouraging people to come out to Manitou Springs and enjoy the sunshine...just stay out of the areas that have been affected by the flood. Do not go down by the creek beds; those can be weak and cave in."

The bottling plant has been vacant for some time. There are a couple of homes nearby, but at this time, the water does not appear to be affecting them.

City officials say if you see a problem area in or around Manitou Springs, call the police or fire department right away.