Volunteers Tackle Flood Mitigation in Cascade

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Volunteers came together today to tackle some flood mitigation along Highway 24.

After the Waldo Canyon Fire, flash flooding caused mudslides in the Cascade area. On Sunday afternoon, volunteers took steps to cut down on that. Around 40 people helped to seed and mulch the hillside. Some of the trees burned in the fire were cut down and set in the ground to help stabilize the hill.

"All of the mud is ending up in yards of all the people around here and some of the houses have been lost because of that. This will help spread the water out more evenly so as it comes down the hill, the sediment drops and hopefully there will be less damage,” said Wendie Warner with the Coalition for Upper South Platte.

While progress was made, homeowners in the area say there is still more work to be done. North Springs Alliance Church and the Coalition for Upper South Platte are the two groups that helped to organize the work done on Sunday.