Flash Flooding Washes Out Homes, Strands Drivers

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A powerful storm that moved through southern Colorado created damaging flash flooding around Colorado Springs.

Jeffrey Falkenstein and his wife Jennifer were faced with bailing water out of their home at the Sierra Pointe Condominiums on Parkmoor Village Drive near Palmer Park.

Jeff said a rush of water and hail came through his front window and flooded his living room. Other rooms in the home received similar water damage.

"It was pretty horrific," he said.

Jeff and Jennifer planned to stay with relatives as they figured out what they would do next.

"Overwhelming is a good word for this situation," said Jeff. "But it's part of life in Colorado. You just suck it up and drive on."

In the meantime, drifts of hail floated on rushing water and collected near the intersection of Santa Rosa and Chelton Road on the west side of the Citadel Mall.

Cecilia Flores lost control of her car in the flash flood.

"I looked down and my car was already full of water," she said.

At least 10 cars were stranded in the deluge. Some drivers and their passengers had to be rescued by Colorado Springs firefighters.

"I thought I was going to have a heart attack," Cecilia said. "It was the scariest thing I think I've ever been through in my life, especially having my son on board. It was horrible."

One of the stranded drivers told 11 News a homeowner across the street from the mall opened their door to allow those who were rescued a place to get warm and dry.

Firefighters say some of those people were treated for hypothermia. They did not report any other major injuries.