Fountain Creek Rises, Forcing Temporary Evacuations

Another round of rain pushed water into Fountain Creek, forcing the water levels to rise rapidly.

The Manitou Springs Fire Department eventually forced people along the creek to evacuate.

11 News was at the Pikes Peak RV Park in Manitou Springs as Fountain Creek filled up with debris, soot and ash. The flash flood sirens were sounded several times in Manitou Springs.

"They said if the sirens do go off they really do want you to go up, they mean it," bystander Marcia Steele said.

Manitou firefighters said two people got caught in the fast-moving water and had to be rescued.

We talked to one man who left when the creek started to rise.

"I'm really familiar with the power of water, I have a lot of respect for it, so when somebody tells me there's a problem, I go," camper John Kean said.

During the flooding, two people had to be rescued when they wound up in Fountain Creek. As of now, investigators don't know if the two people rescued fell in or jumped in, but we are told they are doing okay and only had minor injuries.