Flareup Reported In Black Forest Fire Burn Area

Crews responded to a small flareup in the Black Forest Fire burn area Friday afternoon.

The flareup was reported at Goshawk and Hodgen Road.

Firefighters from the Falcon Fire District quickly responded and put it out. They tell 11 News this is a trouble spot. In fact, firefighters have responded to flareups in the area everyday for the last five days.

It's a low-lying, swampy area that is covered in moss. Firefighters say it's hard to detect hot spots until it burns through the moss and produces smoke.

Firefighters tell 11 News that flareups will be common in the burn area over the next several days, so not to panic if smoke is seen.

"In an event like this we expect to see what we call smokers probably for the next few days or at least until it rains. This is very common following a wild land fire. Just want to assure everybody that we will be there. We'll continue to chase those smokers and call us if you need us," said Battalion Chief Vernon Champlin with the Falcon Fire District.

You can trust 11 News to keep you posted on flareups in the burn area.