Flames From 3-Alarm Fire Seen For Miles

Credit: KCNC

Flames could be seen several towns away after a three-alarm fire started at a vacant Denver apartment building early Sunday morning.

Now all that's left of the five-story building is charred black rubble.

The fire was reported around midnight in Glendale, a southeast Denver neighborhood located east of I-25 and south of Colfax. Nearly half of Denver's fire departments were called out to fight the fire.

People living as far away as Castle Rock and Evergreen reported seeing the fire.

Sister station KCNC says the blaze was so intense, neighboring apartments were wet down as a precaution. Flames jumped to some nearby roofs, but firefighters were able to put them out before they caused serious damage.

As firefighters began to douse the flames, KCNC says a huge smoke cloud could be seen overhead. It took hours to get the fire completely out.

The building was under construction at the time of the fire; no one was living there. There were no reported injuries.

At this time, the cause is unknown.