Homeowner In 'Friendly Fire' Officer Death Hit With Several Charges

Officer Davies

The man accused of firing a gun at his home, bringing police to the scene and ultimately leading to the death of a Lakewood police officer, has been charged.

Officer James Davies was killed last week while officers were investigating a report of shots fired in Lakewood. During the investigation, an officer mistook Davies for the suspect and shot him over a 6-foot privacy fence.

Homeowner Joe Anthony Ruiz, 37, was eventually arrested in connection with the original call. Ruiz, who is accused of firing his gun in the air, faces several charges including being a previous offender in possession of a weapon, tampering with evidence, disorderly conduct and obstructing a police officer. He has since bonded out.

Davies was laid to rest Thursday, and leaves behind a wife and two children. His death remains under investigation.