Multiple Crashes Snarl Traffic On I-25 Southbound

Southbound drivers found themselves backed up for miles after several accidents shut down the interstate just past the Monument exit (exit 161).

The biggest crash involved five cars, but State Patrol confirms there were at least two other accidents around the same time near the same area. The crashes all occurred around 11:20 a.m.

The five-vehicle crash began when a semi-truck hit a pickup, according to State Patrol. Three people from that crash were transported to Penrose; all three had only minor injuries.

At its height, southbound traffic was backed up as far back as the county line.

The cars were moved off the interstate a little past noon, allowing officials to reopen the road.

Traffic snarled again further up the road when two fender benders - at mile markers 168 and 167 - closed the left-hand-lane of I-25 in Douglas County, near Larkspur shortly after 2 p.m.

Those crashes only caused property damage and heavy traffic on the highway.