Man Accused Of Attacking Neighbor With Sword Returns To Court

A man accused of attacking his neighbor with a samurai sword returned to court Thursday morning.

Sean Knapp's is charged with attempted murder and is being held on a $10,000 bond. During Thursday's preliminary hearing, he will have a bond hearing at the same time.

Police say Knapp went to neighbor Kenneth Sipes' apartment on March 4 and swung his sword at Sipes' face after the victim opened his door.

"I've never been so scared about one thing in my life," Sipes told 11 News after the incident. "I didn't know what to think...all I know is my daughter is standing next to me and there is this man swinging a sword at me.

"I can relive it in my mind. I see my daughter going crazy and then I'm fighting this guy with a sword, and it's like I'm fighting for my family's life right now."

Sipes said the suspect swung the sword at his head three or four times. Sipes didn't realize what the suspect was wielding until he grabbed it with his hands, stopping the attack.

Sipes was forced to have surgery on both of his hands, and told 11 News he isn't sure if he'll ever be able to use them again.

The attack happened at the Westwind Apartments in Carmel Drive in Colorado Springs, where both men live.

Knapp was also hospitalized after the incident.