Fireworks Found On Popular Hiking Trail

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Firefighters told 11 News they're angry about what was found along a popular hiking trail. Two hikers discovered a small stash of fireworks left under a rock.

11 News talked to the hikers, who told us they were afraid someone was planning to light them up right where they were stashed. They were going up a trail called Section 16 not far from Bear Creek and 26th Street.

Jim Fleck and his daughter Jaci were hiking along when they found a package of about 10-20 fireworks. They said one had already been fired off. They told us it's really irresponsible and they're angry anyone would put the community in this type of danger. They immediately took the fireworks to the Springs Fire Department.

"I was livid, this is my home and if I had my house destroyed I would be livid," Jaci Fleck said.

"When I turned them into the fire department I was shaking because of what could happen, and hopefully we prevented another catastrophe," Jim added.

Springs firefighters told us they're upset about this and that these fireworks could have started a wildfire if someone lit them.

We know several cities and counties have banned residents from using personal fireworks. We're told by several different agencies they'll be out looking for people who are setting them off. Fireworks are illegal in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Pueblo and Pueblo County.

All of those agencies say they will give you a ticket if you're caught using fireworks. Many people are also asking if you can barbecue and where the fireworks shows are; there is a link posted on our main page, just click on find it.