Grass Fire In Calhan Now 100 Percent Contained

Burns scars cover more than 40 acres of land in eastern El Paso County after a fast-moving grass fire ignited Sunday afternoon.

The fire spread quickly and got close to structures on the 5400 block of Yoder Road in Calhan, prompting evacuations. Ultimately, no structures were were burned.

Investigators believe some people were target practicing in the area, which accidentally started the fire. No charges are anticipated at this time.

Residents in the area know good and well how quickly fires can spread in that part of the county, with acre upon acre of drought-stricken grassland to fuel the flames.

"I grabbed a shovel and started throwing dirt onto the flames, just trying to keep it from spreading across the road and spreading any further than it did," Joe Straziscar said.

Three fire departments battled the blaze, which scorched about 45 acres before firefighters got it contained. Crews were able to get the fire under control within a couple of hours.