Firefighters: Two Fires In Neighborhood Are Suspicious

Two fires in one neighborhood started within a few hours of each other, arousing suspicions that they may have been started intentionally.

Firefighters are now investigating whether these fires were accidental or arson.

Officials say the timing and how close these fires were to each other are the reasons why the fires are being treated as suspicious.

The fires were both located in a neighborhood near Powers and Constitution in Colorado Springs. The first fire ignited Sunday morning and was very small. Neighbors spotted the flames and were able to put it out themselves.

The second fire was bigger and required firefighters to respond to the scene. Though the fire got close to some homes in the neighborhood, and was being pushed by the wind, no structures were damaged. It ultimately burned about an acre.

Some neighbors told 11 News they heard a loud popping sound before the second fire started.

If you have any information that could help with the investigation, call the Colorado Springs Fire Department.