Firefighters Save Woman's House and Fish

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A Black Forest woman is thankful for all of the firefighters' efforts during the Black Forest fire. She tells 11 News the firefighters not only saved her house from the fire, they also went above and beyond outside the house.

"When we were allowed out here the first day, my husband and I walked around the property and took it all in," said Debbie Stalnaker.

The fire came within inches of Stalnaker's house. In fact, the fence around her property melted in the heat of the fire. Stalnaker says there is smoke damage inside the house, but otherwise it's okay. Her koi pond in the backyard also survived.

Stalnaker didn't understand how the fish could have lived, until she found a note left by the firefighters.

"They put the piece of paper under the koi food and I just couldn't believe that they wrote me a note," said Stalnaker.

During a walk through, firefighters from Craig fed the fish and turned the water on. Two days later, firefighers from Boulder fed the fish again. It's not part of the firefighters' normal duties, but it's something that really touched the Stalnaker family.

"Bless you! Thank you! You guys are great," said Stalnaker.

To thank the firefighters for all of their hard work, Stalnaker put up this sign in her front yard. It says "thank you for saving our house and the koi."

"It's just amazing and you guys must be the most soft-hearted people to even feed the fish," said Stalnaker.

Stalnaker plans to frame the note from the firefighters. She also told 11 News she knows how lucky she and her husband are. She says several of her neighbors lost their homes.