Arson Suspect Appears Before Judge, Faces Felony Charges

A Springs man faces felony charges after authorities say he started a small grass fire near an apartment building Saturday.

According to officials, 52-year-old Mark LaPierre lit a piece of paper on fire, then tossed it to the ground. He tried to put the fire out himself, but dry conditions caused the fire to quickly spread. A passerby saw LaPierre trying to put the flames out and reported to the Colorado Springs Fire Department. Once on scene, firefighters were able to knock the fire out, but not before it got scarily close to a fence at the apartment complex.

The apartment is located in the area of Delta and El Morro in Colorado Springs.

LaPierre, who faces arson charges, made his first court appearance Monday via video camera at the Criminal Justice Center. Unrelated to the arson charges, LaPierre is also facing a misdemeanor for child abuse.

Though small in size, it's a good reminder of how high the fire danger currently is in Colorado Springs due to the warm and dry weather.