Fire Flares Up Again Thursday In Downtown Pueblo

Three foot flames sprang up Thursday morning from the rubble left by a devastating fire in downtown Pueblo.

The fire department says they received the call around 12:40 a.m. The flames were seen at the office store.

Fire investigators say they hope to get inside the building where the massive fire started in downtown Pueblo so they can figure out what caused it.

The Pueblo fire chief says he believes the fire started in a shared attic space above an office supply shop.

The fire broke out Tuesday evening. As soon as firefighters got to the scene, they realized they were going to need backup.

Bright orange flames could be seen shooting up from the building as the roof caved in, and billowing smoke could be seen for miles. The smoke was so thick that firefighters advised people to stay out of a two block radius from the fire.

By the time firefighters got the upper hand on the blaze, six businesses had been damaged or destroyed. The fire department says the businesses share a hallway, which is why the flames could spread so quickly from shop to shop. No one was inside any of the businesses when the fire started.