Firefighters Find Accelerant At House Fire

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Firefighters responded to a fire in Colorado Springs Friday evening.

The fire was on La Cresta Drive, near Academy and Meadowland.

A Hazmat crew was called out because the fire was suspicious.

A Colorado Springs Fire spokesperson tells us the home was vacant and no one was living there.

We have also learned fire accelerant was found inside the home. At this point, it appears someone tried to set the home on fire and failed.

The homeowner was on scene but too distraught to talk to us about his home. He was in the process of remodeling in hopes of renting it future tenants.

One neighbor reportedly saw someone suspicious near the home before fire crews arrived.

"I talked to the neighbor and he said that he saw someone walking out of the the backyard and kick the door open. It looked like he had a bottle of something in his hand," said Jeff Barron.

Police are working on a description of a possible suspect.

Officers will be monitoring the home all night and may still be there early Saturday morning.