Firefighter Walks 25 Miles To Raise Donations

Nathan Quist started from his house in Divide Saturday morning and walked 25 miles to raise money for the Victor Volunteer Fire Department.

It took him nearly seven hours to get to the 8th Street Walmart in Colorado Springs.

He suited up in his bunker gear to raise awareness and drum up donations for new gear.

Nathan wants to get it done before we have another bad fire season.

"With me doing this, it helps open up everybody's eyes, and everybody now can see that they can help out and that we do struggle in this. We all go into these houses for free, and whatever support we can get is wonderful,” said Quist.

He says they battled a number of dangerous wildfire and arson fires last season as well as a record number of building fires this winter.

The walk was about safety for our community and to raise awareness not just about their department, but all volunteer firefighters who can’t afford new gear. New gear they are required to have every 10 years.

"Just get the word out that there are departments out there in need of this gear and to raise the money for the gear. If we can just open a few eyes the word will get passed around,” said Quist.

It was a tough journey, one Quist says he couldn’t have done without the support of dozens from Teller County to El Paso County. A group of supporters met him at the finish line, cheering him on and congratulating his achievement.

Quist says the walk was worth it to show support for his fellow brother and sister volunteer firefighters.

"The circumstances that I faced walking here, sweating, the blisters on the feet, it's nothing we don't face every day when we have to fight a fire. So if I could do this all again next year, I will,” said Quist.

If you would like to support the Victor Volunteer Fire Department visit:

Victor is a historic town in the heart of the Cripple Creek Victor Mining District. It’s located in southern Teller County on the southwest side of Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs.