Firefighter Surprised With Replacement Wedding Ring

While protecting Black Forest residents' most precious possessions, a firefighter lost a treasure of his own.

Ian Hass, an eight-year veteran with the Falcon Fire Protection District, lost his wedding ring while battling the Black Forest Fire. He tells 11 News that during long hours cleaning up hot spots, taking his gloves off and putting them back on over and over, the ring came off.

Hass thought it was gone for good. But a fellow firefighter saw to it that he got the next best thing--a new ring.

His friend, who has worked the same shift with Ian Hass for four years, first contacted Springs jeweler Luisa Graff and Tri-Lakes Cares in late June about a replacement ring.

On Tuesday, her plan came to fruition. Hass, his wife Christy and several other firefighters gathered at Luisa Graff, where Hass was presented with a new ring. The ring, made of black zirconium, was purchased by Tri-Lakes Cares at a discounted price, along with a donation from Luisa Graff.

Hass and his family say they are overwhelmed by the generosity.

"It's trying times for my wife and myself," he said, explaining to 11 News that his wife had suffered health problems recently that had forced her to quit her job. "It's very emotional, getting a new ring. It's very nice. I can't thank everyone enough."

And the timing couldn't be sweeter--Hass and his wife are preparing to celebrate their four-year anniversary later this month.