Small Grass Fire At Palmer Park Out

Credit: Maria Niichel

An aggressive attack by firefighters kept a small fire from spreading at Palmer Park Friday afternoon.

The fire was reported around 1:30 p.m. Friday near the playground by the park's Maizeland entrance. Firefighters were able to get it under control before it spread to any structures. It was declared officially out just before 2 p.m.

Though the fire was under control within minutes, families tell 11 News it was nerve-wrecking.

"I was just standing there watching," Lindsey Walter, who was at the park with her 5-year-old, told 11 News. "Amazed another fire was happening...I wanted to make sure everyone was safe, including other kids around.

"My adrenaline started just kind of scared me."

Walter and a friend first spotted the fire burning near some trees, and said they called 911 immediately.

A CSFD spokesman praised the firefighters for getting the upper hand as fast as they did.

"These guys did an absolutely fantastic job in getting it out so quickly...we've learned over the years to try and hit these fires aggressively, with a lot of people."

Firefighters say wind and dry conditions contributed to the grass fire, though they have not determined what sparked it.

Firefighters stress how important it is for citizens to call 911 if they see any smoke or signs of fire. Quick response to the fires over the last few days has kept all of them from being much worse.