Several Disasters Have Firefighters Stretched Too Thin

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PUEBLO, Colo. Firefighters say they are stretched too thin. In just one week, there has been two fires and a search for a missing man in the Arkansas River in Pueblo.

The massive fire in downtown Pueblo destroyed several businesses two days ago. The fire flared up again Wednesday night and another time Thursday afternoon.

"In particular, the fire over on Court Street took a great deal of resources, a lot of call backs on overtime, but we're maintaining coverage for the entire city. We want everyone to feel safe in that, but it's certainly been a taxing week," Captain Woody Percival with the Pueblo Fire Department said.

Pueblo citizen Dave Hill saw the flames from his house. He said he wanted to "thank" the fire fighters for what they did.

"Who knows what's on the roof on these buildings and all those embers coming up and all the wind blowing like's just amazing that they were able to contain it. So kudos to the fire department," said Hill.

The fire department has also spent days looking for a young man who disappeared in the Arkansas River.

Last night, firefighters were called out to a fire on the 400 block of West 8th Street. We've learned that investigation was turned over to the Pueblo Police Department because there simple isn't enough people.

"The resources are obviously spread a little bit thin. We are handling everything as it comes up," said Percival.

A spokesperson with the fire department says only one investigator is assigned a fire per day. He says because of how huge the downtown Pueblo fire was, two investigators are assigned to determine the cause.

Percival said, "Hopefully it will slow down a little bit. We just want everybody to remain safe and know that we're here for you."

We're told several firefighters have been working several shifts in a row and that the department is trying to give them time to rest.