Fire In Abandoned Building Likely Started By Homeless

Transients are likely behind a fire in an abandoned building near America the Beautiful Park in downtown Colorado Springs.

Twenty-eight firefighters responded to the scene on 25 Cimino around 8 a.m. After an hour and a half, the fire was extinguished. It reportedly started on the first floor and moved up into the ceiling.

Firefighters found plenty of evidence that indicates that the fire was started by homeless using the building as shelter. The fire was likely started as a way to cook or keep warm.

The building, once the Colorado Springs Gas Administration building, has become a popular place for the Springs homeless population to sleep in. Knowing this, city officials locked the doors on the roof Friday, which had been the way transients had been gaining entry. Evidence indicates this did not deter entry over the weekend.

The building is scheduled to be demolished in the near future, so firefighters say they are not going to investigate the fire further or look for suspects.