Fire Forces Woodland Park HS Evacuation

Photo Courtesy KKTV Facebook Friend Sarah

Woodland Park High School was evacuated after a fire broke out Tuesday afternoon.

Investigators say a grinding machine in the school metal shop sparked the fire, which then spread into the ceiling. The fire started around 1:15 p.m. and was out within an hour.

One student told 11 News the situation was frightening.

"I was actually really scared," Sarah Roulette said. "A lot of the kids were messing around and just happy to be out of school, but I was pretty nervous. I had left all my stuff in there. All the kids had their backpacks in there, and I had never ever been in this situation before."

Police personnel and firefighters went through the building twice to ensure that all people were out and safe. They say everyone was accounted for.

The superintendent called off school for the rest of the day.