Fire at Springs Duplex

It will be at least a day before three people can go back home after a fire early this morning.

The fire broke out at a Duplex on West End Avenue. That’s on the west side of the Springs.

Firefighters tell 11 News the fire started in the chimney after the residents were burning trash in the fireplace. Investigators tell us the fire started in a pipe and quickly spread up the chimney. It is unclear if the embers reignighted or if the fire was left unattended.

The chimney had not been inspected in over two years, and the fire department recommends having a chimney inspection annually.

Three adults who live in the Duplex were able to get out.
One firefighter was hurt when part of a wall fell on her. She is expected to recover.

Firefighters are still assessing a damage estimate, however, they say the fire was contained to the chimney.