Fifth District Congressional Debate

Republican incumbent Doug Lamborn is fighting for his seat in Congress, and he has to contend with another candidate from his own party. Monday, he squared off with retired Major General Bentley Rayburn.

The candidates touched on a lot of topics including military, abortion, the overall state of Congress, and why each believes they are best for the job.

"I have proven leadership and I can persuade people. I've won this office several times, I haven't lost or come in third place two different times, and it's important to be able to persuade people because that's how you're going to get law changed when you're in Congress," Lamborn said.

"My opponent has no real world experience outside of being a career politician, that's all he's done,” Rayburn said. “I've lived in parts of the world that are of concern to us now and I understand the situations because I've lived it."

This is the third time two star general Rayburn has challenged Lamborn for the congressional seat. The debate was packed at Centennial Hall in downtown Colorado Springs.

“I'm here because I see a lack of leadership both in Washington and here in our district. If we had aggressive and forward-thinking leadership, there would be no reason for me to be running," Rayburn said.

"When you look at all the organizations and individuals that have endorsed me, there's no doubt I'm one of the most conservative members of Congress and for anybody to question that is just simply ridiculous," Lamborn said.

Rayburn said he thinks he has a chance at winning this time because he believes it's time for new leadership in Washington.

Lamborn has held the congressional seat for the 5th district--which includes El Paso, Teller, and Fremont counties--for the past eight years. Ballots have already been sent out; the primary is next Tuesday.