Federal Workers Considered Nonessential Sent Home

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Federal workers considered nonessential will have about four hours to get their offices in order today, and then they'll have to go home.

During those four hours, they'll do work relating to securing things during the partial government shutdown which follows Congress' failure to reach a deal on a temporary spending measure.

People classified as essential government employees will continue to work as the federal government experiences a partial shutdown.

That covers air traffic controllers, Border Patrol agents and most food inspectors.

Government workers such as those at national parks and museums are being told to stay home.

11 News also did some checking at agencies in southern Colorado.

Of those that responded North American Aerospace Defense Command(NORAD) reports about 700 workers will be affected by the furloughs. Similarly, Schriever Air Force Base reported 589 total workers will have some kind of change. Of that number, 392 face furlough.

The self-funded Postal Service will continue to operate and the government will continue to pay Social Security benefits and Medicare and Medicaid fees to doctors on time.

Republicans and Democrats are deadlocked over GOP attempts to derail or delay the three-year-old health care law. The Senate today is expected to reject the latest House GOP measure which still contains a health care delay provision.