Federal Trade Commission Warns About Hotel Scams

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The Federal Trade Commission is warning about scams that target people who stay at hotels.

In one of these scams, the FTC says crooks call your hotel room and pretend to be the front desk.

The caller says there is a problem running your credit card and asks for your number over the phone.

If there is really a problem with your card, a hotel employee will likely ask you to come to the front desk.

Another potential scam for travelers involves Wi-Fi.

Check with the hotel to make sure you're using their authorized network before you log-in.

Scammers can set up Wi-Fi networks that use the hotel's name and sound real, but if you connect to it the scammer could get access to your information.

Another scam the FTC is warning about involves ordering food from your hotel room.

You might get a flyer for pizza delivery slipped under your door, but be careful. The FTC says the flyer might be fake.

In this scam, when you call to order your pizza the scammer asks for your credit card number over the phone to pay.

You never get the pizza, and the crook has your information.

The FTC says it's always a good idea to ask the front desk for recommendations before you order.

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