WATCH: Father-To-Be Shot and Killed by Security Guard

David Ludewig
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A man who was celebrating his wife's pregnancy was shot and killed after he reportedly pointed a gun at a security guard.

The shooting happened at an apartment complex in Westminster.

“Witnesses reported the security guard was retreating and attempted to get behind cover after recognizing the individual had a weapon,” said Wayne Read with Westminster police. “The individual allegedly had a handgun, raised it, and pointed it at the security guard. The security guard fired his weapon, striking this individual.”

The victim has been identified as 24-year-old David Ludewig.

His family says he had an airsoft gun that shoots pellets or BBs.

“He was taken way too soon, in a manner unfitting of the man that he was,” said Ludewig’s brother-in-law Jacob Thompson. “They shot and killed him in front of everybody."

The family says the shooting happened after the security guard confronted Ludewig for urinating near a dumpster.

The guard's name and the company he works for have not been released.

Investigators are trying to determine whether or not the shooting was justified.