Family's Trailer Stolen From Home

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11 News has been getting more reports of trailers disappearing. This time the brazen criminals stole the trailer right from a family's front yard.

It seems like a growing problem, but when we talked to police and the sheriff's office, they told us that despite some recent cases, there hasn't been an increase in the crime.

Since our first story aired, we've been contacted by several others who recent had the same problem. Paula and Jason Wheeler woke up in the middle of the night, just in time to see their trailer disappear from their Cimarron Hills neighborhood.

"I looked down the street and (saw) the back of my trailer going around the corner. It looked like somebody cut the lock off and hooked it up and (dragged) it down the street," Jason said.

The Wheelers believe the criminals weren’t prepared for the weight of the trailer, leaving a mark on the asphalt street.

"So it's like a half circle where the crank slammed into the ground," Paula showed us.

Since it happened they've searched the area. However, when they saw our report about the success one victim had using Craigslist, they also posted their stolen stuff on the website, hoping for the same result.

"I have people calling me, I saw a black trailer but it wasn't yours. So, I know people are out there looking for it," Paula said.

Everyone we’ve talked to said they believe the key to finding their things could be exposure. As more people see the stolen items, the chance of catching these crooks and recovering their property goes up.

Click on the link below to see the listing. If you have any information on any of these thefts, call Crimestoppers 634-STOP, you can remain anonymous and your tip could earn you a cash reward.