Family's Only Car Stolen

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Right now, the parents of six kids don't know how they're going to get around. Their family car was stolen early Thursday morning, right from their driveway.

It happened at their home near Fountain and Chelton in Colorado Springs.

Lindsay Burr was getting her kids ready for school Thursday morning when she looked out and found her driveway empty.

“When we woke up this morning and the kids noticed the car was gone they sat at the breakfast table crying. They didn't understand, 'Why would someone take our car, Mommy?'” Burr recalled.

The car is a 1990 silver Ford Taurus Station Wagon. The rear passenger side window is shattered and held together with tape. The windshield is cracked, making it hard to miss. But the Burrs are definitely missing this car. They are now scrambling to find ways to get their kids to three different schools.

"You don't realize how much of a lifeline something as simple as your car is, but without that you can't get anywhere,” said father Paul Burr.

The Burrs are hoping someone in our community will recognize their car and help them get it back.

“All we can ask for is that everybody can keep their eyes out and if they see it they can contact you guys or the police. Hopefully we can just get our car back," Lindsay Burr said.

The Burrs filed a police report and contacted their insurance company. But because the car wasn't fully covered, their insurance can't reimburse them to get another one.

If you know anything about this, call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP.