Cheyenne Creek Floods Local Home

11 News is talking to a family cleaning up quite a mess. They live along Cheyenne Creek in Colorado Springs. That’s one of the spots hit the hardest in Thursday nights storm.

Andi Chernushin's front yard is under water. On Thursday, Cheyenne Creek surged over its banks, rushing right into her basement.

“My washer and dryer were floating like pin balls,” Chernushin explained.

As water rapidly filled her home, fire crews rushed into the neighborhood.

“They started pounding on all the windows and said we can't evacuate you. We need you up in your second level now."

Chernushin scooped up pictures and valuables and ran upstairs.

“You can't comprehend it. It's three minutes to gather what's important. It's sheer panic."

Although the water receded a bit overnight it left behind a muddy mess. But with shovels in hand, folks came out to clean up. Chernushin says she's thankful for the volunteers and friends that will help her get through these tough days.

“I have my home but it's still devastating,” Chernushin said.