Family Of Victim In Deadly Crash Releases Statement

From left: Beau Begier, Ryan Pappas

The family of a teen who was killed in a car crash Monday has released a statement thanking the community for their support and expressing their hope that others will learn from the tragedy.

Ryan Pappas and Beau Begier were killed when the driver of the car they were in hit a tree. A third teen, Jack Clark, was hospitalized.

A fourth teen, the alleged driver, had minor injuries. He faces several charges, including vehicular homicide. His name has not been released because he is a minor.

Alcohol is suspected to have played a role in the crash; the teens reportedly had been at a party prior to the accident.

The Pappas family released the following statement Thursday afternoon:

Our prayer is that from this tragedy, good will come. And that this will not remain just a senseless tragedy. Friends, love your friends enough to say “no way.” This is something that Ryan had been talked to about very frequently: from making the choice to not participate,to never getting in the car with someone who has been drinking, to calling home “no questions asked.” As friends and peer models, teens need to reinforce these ‘preferred alternatives,’try to ensure they are pursued, and take action if / when they are not pursued. Please help keep each other safe in every way possible – we are all a family.

We are praying for all of the families affected by this tragedy. “OHANA“ means “family.” “Family” means “no one gets left behind.”

With love, gratitude, and prayers, The Pappas Family