Family of Bobby Goodin Releases Statement

This is the joint statement from the Goodin family and the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Board Of Directors following Bobby Goodin's death on Sunday:

"The collective hearts of the Colorado Springs community the men and women of the Board of Directors on The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, and the motor sports communities everywhere share the grief and pain of Bobby Goodin's family, friends and fans over his untimely death.

Throughout the 92 years that this unique race has been conducted on America's Mountain, we have experienced the ultimate joy in triumph, the disappointment of failure and now, the unexpected heartbreak of the loss of a competitor, whose love of the race brought him to Pikes Peak.

We mourn the tragic death of Bobby Goodin and will as each year brings this magnificent event to America's mountain.

He will be remembered as a fierce competitor with a driven spirit that only an athlete can understand, and as a gentle man who came to Colorado with the support and love of family, friends and those he competed against.

Bobby left our lives while doing something that he loved, and it is the only thing that has the ability to deal with the reality of life, the acceptance of the competitors of the dangers in the race, and the heart and soul of a great athlete.

We mourn his loss today with respect, admiration and heartfelt grief over the loss of the life of a man who rode to the 14,115-foot Summit of America's Mountain and crossed the finish line full of joy."

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is preparing to establish a benefit fund for the Goodin family.

With our deepest condolences,

The Board of Directors of The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Response from Kevin Brunson (Bobby Goodin's Race Team)

Thanks to everyone. Even though many might consider this a tragic day with a needless death, those lucky enough to compete at Pikes Peak on a day like today knows even today was a wonderful celebration of life for every competitor.

My thanks to you all for promoting this great event. Please let all the safety personnel and medical personnel know how much we appreciate their efforts.

Our friend Bobby knew the joy of finishing and competing well, and that will bring all of us comfort as we deal with his loss.

He is survived by daughters Jacquelyn Goodin and Melissa Goodin.

Kevin Brunson