Family Of Mother And Son Killed In Deadly Crash Speaks Out

The lights at an intersection where a mother and son were killed were malfunctioning when the fatal crash occurred, the city confirmed last week.

The family of Kimberly Mears, 50, and Raley Mears, 10, will not comment on whether or not they plan to sue the city over the traffic lights.

The accident happened last Friday at the intersection of Marksheffel and Bradley on the east side of Colorado Springs. Several people who frequent that intersection told 11 News it scares them every time they drive through it.

The city says they are investigating why the lights weren't working, and if that was the cause of the fatal crash.

While the city investigates, the family struggles to come to terms with what happened.

"I lost two people in my life...all at the same time," Larey Mears told our partners at The Gazette. He said mother and son were inseparable.

Kimberly's stepdaughter told 11 News the family thought of Raley as a "miracle baby" because Kimberly was 40 years old and already going through menopause when she conceived.

Kimberly and Larey had just celebrated 13 years of marriage at the time of the crash.