Family Of Missing Teen Not Giving Up Hope

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Crews continue their search for 13-year-old Dylan Redwine, who disappeared nearly two months ago near the town of Vallecito, Colorado. His mother tells 11 News she’s not giving up hope he will be found.

After weeks with no word from her young son, Elaine Redwine has the same question as most do: Where is Dylan?

"I’ve always believed someone has him,” Elaine said Wednesday night. “I am pleading to whoever has him or knows what happened, let us know."

Since Dylan’s disappearance, Elaine has spent a great deal of her time in La Plata County near Durango, scouring the area, sometimes with groups of perfect strangers. Each morning she wakes up anticipating the new day will bring new information.

“The community is what's keeping this alive," she said. “They’ve been the most instrumental part in keeping his name and face out there.”

She and her older son Cory wear matching wristbands. The message on it spells out a family motto: “Hope for Dylan.”

“Keep his face and name out there, and don't ever stop or give up hope,” Cody said. “Not until he's home."

The offer of a reward, now more than $30,000, may keep the search from going cold. Investigators have few clues. But Dylan’s family has something for the missing boy: A promise to never give up.

"We love you Dylan. We need you here,” Elaine said. “Whatever that takes, we will do."

Authorities do not think Dylan ran away. However, investigators say their leads are dwindling, and they need some solid information.

Dylan’s family said Wednesday they now hope he'll be home by his 14th birthday on February 6.

A benefit dinner is scheduled for next Thursday, January 17. It’s at Lewis-Palmer High School in Monument.

Proceeds will go to help the ongoing search for Dylan.