Family Van Vandalized for Second Time Possibly Over Political Views

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A local family is convinced someone is taking a difference in opinion to a very dangerous level. They think someone who disagrees with them is shooting at their van. It’s happened twice in the past four months, most recently late last week.

Robert Beam has never seen who did it, but there's no missing what was done.

"The first time we kind of thought it was vandalism,” he said. “The second time it seems like it's very obviously targeted."

Most likely someone firing a BB gun shattered the window of his van which is parked outside his home near Constitution Avenue and Circle Drive in Colorado Springs. The van is wheel chair accessible allowing Robert to help people with special needs.

It’s also covered in bumper stickers, some that support President Barack Obama, even others that clearly spell out his political views.

"That’s the only thing that makes this van stand out other than the fact it's a handicapped van and I hate to think that was the motivation," Robert said.

It will cost about $200 dollars to replace the window. Robert told 11 News if there's a next time he fears there will be a new target.

"Maybe it's not just the van they're going to shoot at next time maybe they'll come in the house or tear up something else," he said.

In the meantime, he hopes there won't be a next time.

11 News checked with police who confirmed Robert’s van was the only vehicle reported damaged in this neighborhood the night the window was shot out late last week.

Robert told 11 News if this is all really about differing political views, he'll happily talk it out instead of having to possibly deal with more damage to his property.

Anyone who has information about the vandalism, or any crime in Colorado Springs, is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP.