Family Reunites With Firefighters Who Saved Dogs' Lives

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PUEBLO, Colo. Thanks to a trio of firefighters, two dogs survived what could have been a lethal house fire.

The Davila family was able to escape their home when a fire started in their kitchen last week, but they were unable to get their dogs out. When firefighters pulled the lifeless pups from the home, it appeared they had perished in the fire.

Pueblo firefighter Michael Smith said he found the dogs under a bed.

"They were both unconscious and not breathing when we found them," said Smith.

"Honestly, when they came out I thought they were dead, but once we started to examine them, they were breathing," said firefighter Nate Schwalm.

By using CPR masks specifically made for animals, the firefighters were able to revive Kasper and Roxy. The Pueblo Fire Department says the firefighters used the masks to give the Jack Russell Terrier and Mini Pinscher mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The CPR masks were donated by the Southern Colorado Kennel Club.

A third dog, Kaylee, was outside when the fire started and was unharmed.

One week later, the Davila family reunited with the firefighters who saved their beloved dogs' lives.

"The compassion that these fireman showed towards my dogs was amazing, I'm so thankful for each one of them," said Sara Davila.

Davila thanked all of the firefighters while the three men pet and played with her dogs.

"Now, when they're barking it's not a, 'oh man they're barking,' but a 'thank God they are barking,'" said Davila.