Family Starts Son's Marijuana Treatment

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Here's an update now to a story we first brought you in January.

A Georgia family moved to Colorado so they could treat their 10-year-old son with medical marijuana. Caden suffers from Lennox Gastaut Syndrome, which causes seizures--sometimes up to 70 a day.

After a few months on a waiting list, Caden Clark received his first dose of treatment Monday. Kim Clark started him on cannabis oil.

Through the Realm of Caring, a non-profit foundation in Colorado Springs, and the use of cannabis oil, Clark is allowing herself to hope. Something she rarely allowed herself to do in the past. She’s hoping that some of Caden's severe medical symptoms will subside with the help of this treatment.

After being on the waiting list for nearly three months, Clark was visibly excited as she bought her batch of the cannabis oil.

"I’m overwhelmed. This is it. There’s nothing else for Caden, this is it. This is hope. I’m excited, it's weird to be holding it in my hand," Clark said emotionally.

The cannabis oil is made from Charlotte's Web, a particular strain of marijuana.

The Clark family doesn't know for sure that it'll work, but said it's something they have to try.

We'll be staying in touch with the Clark family and following their journey as Caden continues his treatment.

Previous Coverage:

A Georgia family moved to Colorado in preparation to treat their 10-year-old son with medical marijuana. Caden Clark suffers from epileptic seizures and cerebral palsy.

Medical marijuana is not legal in Georgia, so the family told us they had to move to Colorado Springs to get the help they needed.

"We have hope, that's all I can say. We have hope and we didn't before," Caden’s mom Kim Clark said.

Kim moved to Colorado Springs with Caden and her 13-year-old son Jax. Caden was diagnosed with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, which causes seizures. Kim said when he’s sick, it's sometimes up to 70 seizures a day.

Kim said she was drawn to the Springs after seeing a CNN special about families in similar situations. Featured in the special was a non-profit foundation in Colorado Springs, Realm For Caring. They use cannabis oil to treat those with severe medical conditions.

"When I first saw this I was like, 'Okay I'm going to go talk to Chris about marijuana,'” Kim said. “It took awhile, it took some work, because the first thing he was like, 'No that's what I do, I'm not introducing this, I'm certainly not giving it to my child.'"

It was tough convincing her husband, Chris, because he's spent nearly 26 years with the Atlanta Police Department. Fighting the very drug he's now hoping will give his son some relief.

"The truth is we been through all the options, that's it," Kim said.

For now, the Clark family is split up, half living here and the other half staying in Georgia. They said it’s a small price to pay for a treatment with big possibilities.

"A lot of parents don't like to use the word "die" at all, but we've always been very clear about it because it's literally what we face all the time," Kim said.

The Clark family doesn't know for sure that it'll work, but said it's something they have to try.

The Clark family is on a waiting list with the Realm of Caring Foundation to get the cannabis oil and it could be another three months.

We'll continue to follow little Caden's journey and update you on his story as his treatment begins.

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