Family Offers Hope To Parents of Premature Babies

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Even a normal day is special for Karla and Scott McKechnie to watch their two boys, because of a journey they began just over four years ago.

Karla had no complications during her pregnancy. Everything was progressing normally. But at twenty-three weeks and four days, she wasn't feeling well and went to the hospital.

She talked with KKTV 11 News about what she told the emergency workers inside.

“Hi, I'm almost 6-months, not feeling so hot and they sent us right upstairs and from there it was just a whirlwind of people and you're gonna have this baby today and we need to talk about things and we need to answer questions," said Karla.

It was pre-term labor and it couldn’t be stopped. So baby Aiden arrived, weighing in at one pound, seven ounces.

“We were so happy that we were kind of clueless to the journey and adventure we were on in the NICU cause we had a baby and it was great. And it was tough,” she says.

Getting him stable was priority #1. The doctors also needed to get Aiden's lungs stronger. There were tough days for mom and dad. But after 137 days, Aiden beat the odds and went home. He is now a healthy four-years-old, with almost no complications.

“He's really strong and that shows in his personality today and oddly enough,” she says. “We named him Aiden. We like the name. And then we found out it means fiery and strong. Coincidence? Probably not.”

With their experience in the NICU and the arrival of little brother Owen, this family is grateful for their journey.

“Would I change it? I would change some things... how they happened, but they made us the family that we are and so for that I probably wouldn't."

The McKechnie family is the feature family for Newborn Hope. Newborn Hope is a local non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for research and support programs that assist premature babies. The link below also takes you to more information about a luncheon coming up in November.