Family Of Victim Speaks Out After Accused Murderer Appears In Court

Juan Carlos Lopez-Herrera
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A 20-year-old accused of killing another man in front of his own home was in court for the first time.

Elton Johnson didn't have much to say, he just listened as he was told that he would face a second-degree murder charge for the death of Juan Carlos Lopez-Herrera.

Lopez-Herrera was stabbed and then left for dead in his front yard on the 8200 block of Camfield Circle. Police received a call about a disturbance just after midnight Wednesday, and found his body after arriving on scene.

The victim, known to those close to him as "Grande," leaves behind devastated friends and family.

Carlos Lopez, visibly upset, got teary-eyed recalling the moment when he first found out about his father's death.

"It's really hard," the 13-year-old told 11 News. "When I was first told he was dead, I was just in shock.

"He was a really, really good person. Everybody loved him...he was just a great, great person."

Lopez-Herrera's widow, Kristina Lopez, said the family was still trying to come to grips with the tragedy.

"It's very hard to say where to go from's a total shock. I think we're still trying to get over the shock."

Equally shocking--the man allegedly responsible for Lopez-Herrera's murder was a family acquaintance. The family says they are not only struggling with Lopez-Herrera's death, but how someone who knew him could possibly do it.

At this time, it's believed that there was a fight before the murder took place.

The family is, however, heartened by the outpouring of love for "Grande."

"I know that he knows what's going on right now and he sees everybody that's hurting for him and I know that he feel loved and appreciated," Kristina Lopez said.

Anyone wanting to make a donation to help the family can do so by going to any Air Academy Federal Credit Union in the Springs.