Family Dodges Alleged Drunk Driver

The family was standing by their van unloading groceries just four minutes before the collision.

It was a close call for one Springs family after narrowly avoiding being hit by an alleged drunk driver.

The family tells 11 News that just a few minutes after they finished unloading groceries from their parked vehicle Sunday night, a drunk driver came barreling down their street and crashed his truck into their minivan.

The force of impact was so strong, the van was moved a few feet from where it was originally parked.

"I saw our car pretty far from where it was parked initially and the whole back window busted out and someone else's car all smashed in the front," Mikkayla Lieber told 11 News. Mikkayla is the teenage daughter of the family who owns the minivan. She ran outside after hearing the crash.

The 59-year-old driver of the truck has been ticketed for DUI. Police say he already had a suspended license at the time of the collision.

The incident happened near Memorial Hospital.