Family Grateful for Help During Black Forest Fire

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The Samuelson's home in Black Forest is relatively untouched, though the flames burned close.

"We tried to put ourselves in the mindset that it was gone, just so if it’s there hooray for us."

It is still there. Phil says the first alert he got was from chief meteorologist Brian Bledsoe

"Yeah,” Phil said. “We really relied on channel 11 for the latest."

His family began the evacuation.

"It was a choking amount of smoke,” said his daughter Karissa. “It was pouring down the streets, it was scary."

The Samuelson's got out with their dogs and had to leave their five birds behind. The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region stepped in next.

"So many people helped out,” said Animal Law Enforcment Officer Joe Langford. “It was a beautiful thing in a very bad circumstance.”

A few of their birds remained at the Humane Society Wednesday. They were pulled from the home by animal control officers using a key Phil gave them. They'll soon go home with Phil and the family

"That's what it's all about at the end of the day," Langford said.

Phil said Wednesday the family could be back home in a couple days. They’re actively looking for ways to help out those who weren't as fortunate as their family.

“We consider ourselves so fortunate,” Phil said.