Family Frustrated Over High Water Bill

The Kirk family is frustrated over their high water bill. Robin Kirk opened up her Springs Utilities bill and was in disbelief when she saw her total.

“The water portion was $581 dollars and 21 cents...I was like, 'something is definitely wrong,'” Kirk explained.

Last time this year Kirk was watering her lawn four times a week and she says her water bill averaged $67 dollars a month. Now with our current restrictions she’s down to watering two days a week and yet it shows a spike.

“I called Springs Utilities and didn't get a whole lot of answers," Kirk said.

11 News talked with Springs Utilities. They say there could be several factors causing her bill to rise and they’re trying to work with their customers. Robin Kirk says she feels trapped.

“My only other choice is getting everything shut off - but they are the only company in town so what can you do? I have to pay the bill.”

Springs Utilities tells 11 News that they are getting a lot of calls from customers concerned over their high water bills. They say everyone should check for water leaks, especially in the underground sprinkler systems.

"You know our community is in a pretty serious situation right now. Our reservoirs are as low, lower than they have been in a decade and so we as a community need to band together and preserve the water,” a Springs Utilities spokesman explained.

They also say that for homeowners, you can use nearly 15,000 gallons of water a month, and if you use more than that you’ll pay a higher rate.