Family Forced To Clean Up After Storm

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A lot of people across Southern Colorado are cleaning up the messes left behind by from Saturday’s storms.

A Colorado Springs family's basement was flooded. It's also their 8-year-old son's bedroom. They're hoping this won't happen again next time it rains.

Dean Nedens told us water got into their window well after heavy rainfall fell all across Colorado Springs yesterday.

"Our window well was completely full of water, and it was basically, it looked like a waterfall going in from the window into the room," Nedens said.

Several areas around the Springs were hit hard by the storm, especially the northeast side of town. That’s where the Nedens live, near Research and Rangewood.

"There was nothing we could do. I would say within a matter of 10 minutes, it went from just right up around the base of the wall, and it was all the way, probably halfway to the two rooms by the time it was done," Nedens recalled.

They're glad it wasn't worse, but it will likely be two weeks before they can go back into their basement.