Family Faced With Costly Price to Remove Dead Deer

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What would you do in this situation? A family finds a dead deer in their backyard. Do you move it? Does the city take care of it, possibly animal control?

On Sunday morning Randy Kreie found a deer buck carcass rotting in his backyard and he's spent the past day trying to figure out how to get rid of it.

"I want somebody to come and get him the poor thing and I don't want to drag him to the street,” Randy Kreie said.

But unless the deer was in the street, the city of Colorado Springs won't touch him. Kreie has contacted a long list of area agencies to help but they all tell him the same thing.

"They say it's your responsibility, it's on your property, deal with it."

But Kreie says the estimates to remove the deer will cost him big bucks.

"Animal removal companies, we called two of them and one said one hundred dollars and the other said $185"

Kreie and his neighbor Kathy Parkin also fear the animal may have a disease.

"I am mostly concerned because what if it has a disease and we have dogs,” Parkin said.

11 News spoke with the Division of Parks and Wildlife and they do not pick up dead animals. We also made some calls to other agencies; a company that contracts with animal control says they would pick it up for about $200 dollars.

Also because the deer was found on private property the city of Colorado Springs says they do not have a role in animal removal.