Springs Girl Missing Almost 2 Months

The disappearance of a 19-year-old woman from Colorado Springs is looking more and more suspicious every day she’s gone. Kara Nichols has been missing for nearly two months.

Her parents are determined to keep their daughter in the public consciousness in hopes that someone, somewhere knows where she is.

They are also concerned about misinformation getting out to the public. Despite reports that Kara's picture is being used in ads in Las Vegas, her parents say they have not been in contact with her and have no proof she is there.

This is what investigators do know, based on a press conference held November 20:

-Kara Nichols was last seen where she lived with roommates in the 6700 block of Mission Rd. in the Cimarron Hills area.

-Roommates tell investigators she was headed to Denver the evening of Oct. 9 and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

-Investigators find it strange that she left the house without her purse and money, as if she was not planning on staying away long.

-They tell us she had no vehicle or driver’s license, so she would have had to get a ride.

Investigators now believe the ride may have been with a brunette. Roommates say they didn’t know the girl. Detectives are asking for the public’s help in identifying that brunette and one Kara may have been with the day of Oct. 9.

Family and friends say that all communication with Kara stopped that night. They call this suspicious, since they describe her as very social. Her parents say she would never stop talking to them so suddenly.

Detectives say it's also strange to find that there has been no cell phone activity since she went missing. That means it could have died, been lost, or damaged.

Right now the mother and father are just begging that anyone with information come forward.

Investigators say right now they don’t have a lot to go on. So they hope someone, even with a small detail, will come forward so they can find Kara.

Anyone with information is asked to call the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office at 719-390-5555 or email tips to findkaranichols@gmail.com.

You don’t have to give your name by calling Crime Stoppers at 719-634-STOP(7867).

Investigators also say that Kara aspired to become a model. In a press release investigators say that they believe “those aspirations may have cause Kara to fall prey to a subculture of modeling business fronts that many times involved illicit drugs and prostitution. This subculture could have exploited a teenage girl who may have lacked the life experience to see the inherent risks.”